Door to Door Car Transportation Service

What is Door-to-Door Auto Transport Service?

Nowadays, car shipping using road transport is one of the most promising areas in the door to door transportation industry. Road transport (trucking) is widely used for shipping cars over long distances. Its main advantage as a mean of transportation is the possibility of door-to-door delivery. The company which provides such freight services both takes the car from the sender and delivers it right to the recipient. Door-to-door auto transport delivery is a complex of services, including preparation for car transportation, the transportation itself, unloading upon delivery to the recipient, as well as all the documentation of these transactions. Moreover, phased physical support of the car is foreseen, which allows reducing risks, both improving the quality of car transportation and guaranteeing its safety. Thus, door-to-door transportation is the vehicles’ delivery under the terms of the full responsibility of the forwarding company, being responsible for the car from the moment it is taken from the sender to the time of transferring to the recipient. We have an opportunity to deliver vehicles between addresses. This is very convenient for the customer. So, welcome to door to door transport with company Surface Cargo Movers.

Door-to-Door Transportation Benefits

The most convenient way of moving cars long distances – pick up and drop off as close to the specified locations as possible.

Timely Delivery!


This kind of transportation is the fastest and most cost effective way to be. There is no need to wait for truck to be fully loaded – waste no time! Door to door auto shipping is fast and simple.

Vehicle Inspection at the Pick up & Delivery Point

Door-to-door delivery allows you to monitor the process of loading and unloading of your vehicle, as well as to make sure that the body of the car stayed in the same condition after transportation.

All we Need is Your Car and the Keys

Release your vehicle to the driver => pass him the car keys => sign the Bill of Lading after the round up inspection and you are good to go!