How To Transport Your Car In Interstate?

Prepping your car for an interstate move

If you’re going to be towing your car or using a professional auto transporter, you’ll want to take certain steps to make sure that your car is fit for travel. Make sure to ask the auto transport company or the rental company you’re getting the hitch from what specific requirements they have, but in general, expect to do the following:

•Look for and photograph any existing damage on your car.

•Make sure your tires are inflated and in good condition.

•Check your fuel gauge—it should be no more than one-quarter full.

•Remove items from the car.

If you’re using a tow dolly or car carrier your car will likely need to be completely empty. Auto transport companies however may just give you a weight limit (though plenty also require your car to be free of any belongings).
If you need to move a car to another state, look at all of your options first before deciding which way you should go. Keep in mind how much you can spend and how long you might be able to go without a car at your new home, as well as simply which way you trust the most to get your car there in the best condition possible. Always look at reviews of any driving or transport companies you use too, since your car is likely one of your most valuable possessions.