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Mohan Desai

Without any doubts – SCM is the best company for me. They are made delivery of my Nissan from Chennai to my place. It was done quick and easy. Money and papers also were good side of the deal. Strongly recommend them as reliable partner!

Priya Malhotra

 Got car n papers yesterday. Its fine, thanks a lot! Jeep delivering was successfully done. I am very grateful for that and for speed, because we’re with wife were in hurry and our jeep was needed as soon as possible. Will be glad to recommend this service to others!

Anurag Kataria

 This company was great to work with. Rakesh was the broker who found my driver and quote last minute also. He was able to find someone for a good price and communicated details with me before and after delivery. I was skeptical about the car shipping business, but Rakesh followed through with everything as promised. The driver assigned to me was also friendly and even delivered a day earlier! He, too, kept in contact with me throughout the delivery. Thank you for the wonderful service! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is a first time shipper like me.


If honestly I was simply satisfied about total level of service after applying for delivering of my Audi to destination point. It was cheap, quick and pleasant. If comparing to previous such similar companies – I will choose this one again!


I’ve gone through a lot of providers and SCM had the best reviews and competitive price. I am pleased with the overall ordering process. Looking forward to doing business with you. I can’t wait to get my car.

Jasbir Gulia

 I had a very good experience with Surface Cargo Movers,  when having my car shipped from DELHI TO BANGLORE. It was only a few hours after signing the contract was secured to transport my car and called to make sure I knew the next steps. SCM excelled at communicating, which is critical when shipping a valuable possession.

Salim Ali

 I would recommend this company to everyone, they have the best price and they’re honest . She told me the price that they charge and the price the driver wants and it was by far cheaper then anyone else. The car got delivered a day before it was scheduled that was great too.


Best price I could find and the communication with this company was great. The driver also did a good job with scheduling a good dropoff time. I will use Surface Cargo Movers again and recommend them.


I was not very flexible in time of shipping my vehicle and other companies promised me to pick up car within a few days but I couldn’t stay at home and wait for a driver. This company is perfect because the shipping agents told me the exact date and time when I wanted just to get to know a quote. I agreed to go with them and was very glad. Their job was awesome and I really appreciate it!

Deepak Kumar

High-quality customer service! I am very glad that I chose this company among others. They did a great job in customer service. I have addressed multiple questions about delivery process and payment and received prompt reply from service team with different options. Moreover, I received information on a timely basis throughout every step of the shipping. No delays, no extra charges, no damages! I encourage everyone to use services of SCM. Service is more than professional with individual approach. Thank you SCM for my car!