Welcome to Surface Cargo Movers

Surface Cargo Movers has grown to become one of the largest transporters of corporate as well as personally owned vehicles in the country. Covering approx all cities of INDIA, we offer an unprecedented level of service and commitment to moving our customer’s vehicles. With over 25 years of experience, we have gained a substantial amount of knowledge about automotive transportation.

The founder of SURFACE CARGO MOVERS., Mr RAJKUMAR DHARIWAL has his head office at Gurgaon, an extensive network of nearly 23 offices, managed parking in a large area and an expert and committed team over 100 members. Additionally, our entire community of truck owners & drivers associated with us on a regular basis that we consider a part of the ‘S.C.M’ family, number more than 2,500. We have the privilege of being deemed by our valued customers as the most reliable and respected car transportation service provider in India. In order to transport the cars, special vehicles such as covered car trailers are used not only in India but also in other regions of the world. The trailers and containerized trucks are especially used for this purpose and ensure safe transit of your vehicle. This ensures that the car is safe from all kinds of damages including scratches and accidental damages etc. We have earned a big name as Car Carriers in Gurgaon city and DELHI as well. We have the most well trained and efficient crew and make use of the most modern technology for safe transit of cars. Over and above, we also offer monitoring and tracing systems to our esteemed customers. This ensures on-time delivery and safe transportation of cars across the continents. You can easily trace the vehicle at any given point of time and get relaxed and tension free. Contact our team for a list of re-move activities and go ahead for a safe transfer of your car. Nowadays cars’ transportation by trucks is a service of high demand. Surface Cargo Movers allows you to find both reliable and safe auto shipment options for your vehicle at a relatively low cost. Your car will be delivered safe and sound from one city to another by one of the best car transporting company. When you ship a car, you would rely on many years’ experience of car transporters and only the best knowledge under their belt, thanks to which the safest transportation of your vehicle is accomplished, taking into account the cargo specifics and all the carriage features for each customer. There is a wide range of services for the automotive shipping. Both impeccable reputation and many years of experience distinguish Surface Cargo Movers from similar car transporting companies. The modern methods of autologistics organization used allow our clients to save both – money and time resources. Our company is incredibly dynamic, bringing innovation to the automobile transport business all over the country. We cooperate with INDIA, and the fact that our customers are always satisfied with our work makes us grow and move forward.